Spiritual Work: Channeling

Today, and in a completely unexpected way, I had one of the most powerful Spiritual experiences I have had in a long time. Following a hunch after receiving an email from a friend, I asked her to have a chat to check on her situation. The hunch was right – she was going through an extremely difficult time, and not only that, she was finding it very difficult to gather the energy to respond to the conflicts in her life.

I was mostly listening, and trying to comfort her. We know each other very well, and have helped each other numerous times through almost a decade, so as we chatted I could feel her Spirits, her Deities, calling my attention and wanting to communicate – and, since being the channel for Spiritual Light is my job in this world, I let them talk. She is an experienced practitioner too, so she felt the change immediately, and let me know that she was feeling a very strong wave of energy too.

For me, it is very difficult to describe what happened from there on, because I was making every effort to be able to type while I was channeling, something that is way more difficult than it seems; I didn’t even notice that, at some point while trying to convey the energy and message of the Spirit, her internet connection failed, and while she could read my messages, I was not getting her answers. She literally was forced to listen until the message was finished, and when it did, the connection went back to normal.

I will not give any details of the message itself, because that is only for her, but through the entire episode of channeling, I could only feel the tremendous, undescribable wave of total love and acceptance her Spirits have for her. I know for a fact of her unbreakable devotion to her path and her Gods (beginners, take note of this), so I was not surprised by their presence; but still, the feeling of their love passing through me was like being bathed in something golden, warm, filled with light… that I can only describe as Spiritual Honey, and that maybe it is what others call ecstasy, or vision.

My heart broke as I thought If only people knew how much Spirits love them…nobody would be so afraid, so lost. They would be invincible.

My friend is a very articulate lady, so after the Channeling ended, and as I was getting a cup of coffee to, let’s say, come back down to earth, I asked her to write a couple of pragraphs about her experience. Channeling is very different for the medium than it is for the receiver of the message, at every level, and we were only chatting (no camera or sound, just typing) so I knew it would be extremely interesting to know her side of the experience. Going through strong emotions, and it really shows, this is what she wrote:

“As hard as it is to put an experience like this in words, I will try. The surge of power is something to be reckoned with as it even disrupted the internet connection and electronics for a while. You don’t just hear or see the message sent, you *feel* it and you feel it deeply within you and that’s what makes all the difference. It feels like an enormous weight has been lifted and I felt energetic shackles quite literally be broken.

It’s not just that you see things clearly, you feel everything in the deepest part of your soul. Words can even become superfluous as you *feel* everything, like suddenly being submerged into another world and having all senses open at the same time. It sounds like it’s overwhelming but it’s not that. Blissful is the only word I can come close to use that would describe it. Like having a giant hole in your soul filled all of a sudden with love and bliss. You’re left feeling clarity, strength, comfort and peace, and power surging through your veins.”

I would like to add something – I do not do this as a Service, and I don’t train Mediums online, so please do not ask for it. When it comes to this kind of channeling, the Spirits choose who, how, and when, so this is not something I do on request, or for money. This is something extremely personal too, and it requires a previous and close relationship with the recipient of the channeling; as much as I appreciate every one of my customers, that is simply not possible.

Just so, I have remarked my friend’s devotion because it matters greatly; she has done her work, it is HER merit, effort and sacrifice. Her Spirits only chose a vehicle (me) to deliver the message – I am just an efficient tool. My only merit is my constant effort to be that efficient tool, but the relationship was hers, and was there for decades. I have said this a million times already, but this is not about me or my “powers”, because I don’t have any; this is about the Spirits, and about how they love you.

This is an example that should also warn you against unscrupulous practitioners that claim that can tell you who are your Spirit Guides, or your Orisha (!), or whatever entities are around you. It just doesn’t work that way, and although this would be a subject for another whole blog post, it is actually a very dangerous thing. The Spirits that she is devoted to came to show their love, to give her strength and self-affirmation, because she truly needed it, and because there was a previous connection between her, me, and the Spirits – not because of her request.

After several hours, a couple cups of coffee and a nap, I’m still shaken and moved, so grateful for this experience. This affects me too, it always does, no matter how many years I’ve been doing this. A trace of the Spirit’s Light is still within me, shining and filling me with the most loving energy.  And when I got up today, I thought it would be a normal day!


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