Winter Rose: A Simple, Natural Beauty Tonic


In our islands, roses are a brief winter delight. This morning, Fernando brought me some wild roses – they were already wilting because of the very cold night we had, so I decided to make a skin tonic before they were gone.

This tonic is formulated to smooth, clean, and revitalize your skin. It does not matter which skin type you have, and it can be used in your entire body if you want to.

I get extremely dry skin in the winter, and because of fibromyalgia I am very prone to itchy skin in any season, and this always works beautifully for me. Of course, you don’t need to have any skin problem to use it – a healthy skin is very important for good health, and cleaning it + feeding it will always make you feel and look better. Here’s the recipe:


In a salad bowl or similar, mix the following ingredients:

· Rose petals (one handful if dry, two handfuls if fresh) – Roses smooth the skin, improves skin circulation, and help removing blemishes.

Note – please notice that they must be wild roses, or from any place where you are sure that they are not loaded with chemicals. Usually, flower store roses are, so avoid them.

· Honey (a teaspoon) – It is antibiotic, so it helps with clogged and infected pores, adds elasticity, and heals small wounds.

Note – the more pure the honey, the better. Avoid supermarket honey and get honey from a local beekeper if possible.

· Calendula Petals ( one handful if dry, two handfuls if fresh). Heals and strengthens the skin at all levels, reduces inflammation and alleviates discomfort.

· Lavender Flowers (around a dozen flowers if fresh, two teaspoons of flowers if dry, no leaves). Disinfects skin and helps healing acne, rashes, cold bites, etc.

· A slice of Lemon. Removes excess oils gently and disinfects skin.

Put all ingredients together in the bowl, and pour about two glasses of boiling hot water over them. Cover and let sit until the tonic is back at room temperature, strain and keep in a sterilized jar.

Use it as soon as possible, preferably that same day. To apply, soak a ball of cotton, and dab the skin gently and generously. You can just let it dry on the skin, but if you put too much honey and it feels sticky when dry, just wash the skin with warm water only. You can repeat the treatment several times during the day, or in different body areas. You can keep it refrigerated for 3-4 days, but not more.

And Witches – remember intention! While preparing your tonic, concentrate on healing, restoration, wellness, health, vibrancy, beauty, and anything you relate to the ingredients of the tonic, and to what you want to get from it. Of course, if you work with any deity or Spirit that patronages any of these qualities, you can do the work under their presence, or ask them to bless the tonic as you make it. Magic becomes a million times more powerful when you make it yours!



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8 thoughts on “Winter Rose: A Simple, Natural Beauty Tonic

  1. Hi. Beautiful simplicity ! I’ll be making this. I’d like to try some with witch hazel for it’s benefits and storage qualities. Thanks~~~


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