Prosperity Work With Saint Pancras


Financially, January is a tough month for businesses and buyers alike – after the holidays’ excesses, everyone is broke and those of us who are independent workers are definitely among those who suffer the consequences of such excesses the most. Also, today is also the end of the latest Mercury Retrograde period – so, to make the best of the forward flow of energy this will bring, and give a little free magical advice for improving your finances, I decided to make a special offering to Saint Pancras, one of the Saints that’s traditionally linked to prosperity.

· Take a nice plate, and place a layer of brown sugar on it. Sugar is an essential food for Spirits, and in Prosperity Magic, represents abundance coming easily and “sweetly”. Nobody wants their money to come through the pain or loss of another.

· Over the sugar, forming a circle around the outer edge, add thin slices of lemon, as many as you need to make the full circle. Lemon cleanses and purifies, so our abundance doesn’t come from “dirty” sources, and the slices represent the Sun, bringing protection, strength, and success.

· Over the lemon slices, place fresh parsley and rosemary, in any way you want. Parsley is Saint Pancras’ herb, so it is deeply associated with Prosperity Magic, and so is Rosemary.

· In the center, place a red or green candle. It does not need to be tree-shaped as mine; any type will do. We just got this one from a friend, and here, all special candles go to the Spirits, so this work was a perfect excuse to use it. If you have any Prosperity or Money oils, you can, of course, anoint the candle with them.

· Offer it to Saint Pancras; of course, you do not need to have a statue – Saint Pancras is not deaf, and he will listen to your prayer! You can print an image from the Internet, or simply keep an image open in your phone/computer as you do the work. Or nothing.

Speaking about prayers – I do not use any particular prayer when working with him; I just call him, tell him that the offering is for him, and ask him for what I want with gratefulness and confidence. This work is not a ritual, it’s just simple Prosperity Magic so it does not need any formality – what it needs is trust and love for Saint Pancras.

And – this is VERY important -, if your request is granted, praise Saint Pancras in some way, and consider giving him a permanent place on your altar/sacred space.



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