Visual Inspirations: The Island In January

Happy New Year to all readers and subscribers!!!

January is the greenest, most beautiful month of the year when it comes to our tiny islands. This year, after an unexpected (but deeply grateful for) very rainy autumn, Winter has started cold (by our standards :D ), sunny, and totally delicious.

The places where we wildharvest regularly become our gardens, our adopted areas; we know every tree that grows there, when they flower and seed, and when they are not to be cut. Many of the older trees hold very powerful Spirits, and they have become our friends through each visit, each offering, each time we clean the place from trash. We see seasonal plants come and go with the year, rejoicing by their return every single time. We are as attached to these places as if we owned them, and when civilization ends with them, our heart will be broken.  So, what you are looking at is not only pictures of pretty things – it’s our green family :). Enjoy!


Hibiscus (above) and Bird Of Paradise/Strelitzia (below) are in full bloom during this season.


Gorgeous moss textures on the bark of a bottle tree (Adansonia Genus, Baobab).


Canarian Ivy (Hedera Canariensis) growing over a Pepper Tree (Schinus Molle).



The Canarian Palm tree (Phoenix Canariensis) is giving fruit abundantly – only animals eat their dates, but the sap that is taken from the crown of the tree is the origin of the Canarian Palm Honey, one of the most delicious relics of Canarian cuisine, and sadly a disappearing tradition.


Inside the branches of one of my “adopted” Dragon’s Blood Trees. This one is actually the biological mother of the one I grew from seed, and that lives in our garden.


And finally, my beloved Juniper trees. These five trees grow around a well that is centuries old, and are the home to several families of blackbirds,  so they are quite magical indeed.



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4 thoughts on “Visual Inspirations: The Island In January

  1. Your green family is gorgeous, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Where I live, in Colorado, USA, we have little-to-no color right now, but lots of evergreen trees which are beautiful especially in the snow. We have to keep an eye on the junipers when snowfall is very wet and heavy because their branches can snap from the weight. I go out every few hours with a broom to knock the snow off (I try to be gentle)! xo


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