Service Preparations: Fortuna Incense Recipe


Our upcoming 2017 Blessing Service, which will happen on December 21st, is focused on attracting blessings of all kinds for the coming year, and on releasing and cleansing negativity from the previous one. For it, I have been working on a very special herbal incense, using our most powerful Green Allies – and, just as the altar tree, it has been baptized as Fortuna Incense, because I think it encompasses what I want to provide to my customers through this service: good fortune for 2017.

This incense, as you can see in the pictures, will be made using exactly eight equal parts of the following ingredients:

  • One part is powdered resins; this time, I have mixed and powdered Storax Benzoin, Frankincense and Rose resin (Arabic type) – but any mixture of your choice is fine, as long as it is good quality. This ensures good burning, and adds a soft element of fragrance. And, no matter how many resins you use, they should not be more than one eighth of the mixture.
  • One part Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis); the holy warrior, cleansing and blessing on its way. A plant that is also related to good health and to prosperous businesses, it had to be the first on the formula. For those who need obstacles removed, healing and good luck.
  • One part Canarian Juniper (Juniperus Phoenicea, endemic); emblem of the island of El Hierro, for strength, courage, healing and endurance at all levels. For those who want to achieve ambitious goals, or need extra strength to heal and grow.
  • One part Ginger root (Ginziber Officinalis); equal parts luck, passion and joy, ginger brings opportunity, opens roads, and attracts love and inspiration. For those who want to want to find love, heal relationships and open communication at all levels.
  • One part Cinnamon bark (Cinnamomun Verum); money, money, money! Cinnamon brings wealth, financial growth and all the blessings of abundance. For those who need financial blessings in the upcoming year.
  • One part Moorish Sage (Salvia Canariensis, endemic); the gentle but powerful healer, that brings balance to the mind, body and spirit. For those who need healing of any kind, and for those who are working on personal improvement.
  • One part Dragon’s Blood root (Draco Dracaena, endemic), emblem tree of Tenerife, and the tree with the most famous magical resin in Western magic. The roots are from our own tree, which I have grown from seed, so this is VERY special. For those that need empowerment, psychic and spiritual growth, and guidance.
  • One part Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus): one of our greatest warriors and protectors; for protection, cleansing, and removal of negativity. For all participants, since we all can use the Eucalyptus’ power.


Of course, there is more than just the recipe – so much more. After mixing the herbs, the mixture is ensalmada (prayed over) along several days, and will stay at the altar until the 21st, constantly receiving energy from the altar. We have been working on charging the altar for two weeks already, so this incense is going to be quite powerful when offered to the Spirits during the service.

But, creating this process depends on you and your path; all the information I have shared about each plant should be enough so you can build a ritual process for waking it up, that works according to your own path, and your own level of growth.

And, if you want to make substitutions, make them without hesitation, again according to your ecosystem and surrounding Green Allies – but please understand that I cannot help you with that, because I may not know a thing about the green life in your area :). Making this yours is your job.

If you are interested in participating in our Service, you can do so clicking here – it’s really affordable, for those who actually need more blessings!




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