Visual Inspirations: Magical Winter Crafts

In this post, I will go through three crafts for your Winter/Christmas/Yule decorations, all filled with magical symbolism but completely non-denominational, and all really discreet – if you have to hide your Bruja stuff from family, these are some good examples to keep your practise alive without feeling alienated from it because of judgemental visitors. The point of these examples is not to make them as I did, but to inspire you to find a deeper relation between you and your direct environment, your home, creating connection between the symbols of winter and your own experience and Ancestry.

Ancestral Candle Bowl

How To: Take a brass bowl, place a glass with a candle on one side, and fill the rest of the bottom with moss – this is Usnea moss, wildharvested. Add shells from your beaches, one vintage ornament for a little sparkle, and a couple of owl feathers from the giant owl that hunts on your neighbourhood.

Magical Why: we are islanders, so winter holidays are beach holidays for many of us, and since we both were raised on coastal towns, the sea is always tied to our family memories. Since most elements belong to our favourite places in Nature, it is energetically tied to them, and to our Ancestry. Shells are a symbol of love (not only for a couple’s love, but also family and ancestral love), feathers a symbol of communication, and the owl a symbol of wisdom. Every time the candle is lit, our Ancestry receives the message of how loved and remembered they are, and how missed they are during winter festivities.


Lantern Of Blessings

How To: old and rusty garden lantern, bottom filled with wildharvested moss. Add a vintage ornament, a wildharvested pine cone, a huge cinnamon stick and lots of fresh lavender from the garden. On top, a lovely ribbon holds a bell and a smaller sprig of Lavender.

Magical Why: the lantern represents what guides us in the dark, and thus our goals and dreams for the new year to come. These elements of nature attract luck and opportunity (cinnamon), cleansing (moss), susteinance (pine cone), blessing (lavender), and the bell and the ribbon represent joy and family ties, respectively. As the season continues, we may change the contents accordingly, renew the fresh herbs, or add petitions in paper scrolls… options are many!


Protection And Blessing Magic: Herbal Bundles

How To: In the pic below, you can see two bundles – the one on the left is eucalyptus (dry), and the one in the right, fresh Lavender from the garden. Both were ornamented with a vintage ribbon bow, a bell and a vintage ornament.

Magical Why: herbs own magical properties by themselves – eucalyptus is chosen for protection, and Lavender for a happy and peaceful home :). The ornaments represent our families (one comes from each side), the bells represent joy and laughter, and the ribbons what tie us together.


And, of course, Herbal Sachets – filled with any combination of herbs of your choosing!



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2 thoughts on “Visual Inspirations: Magical Winter Crafts

  1. I love your lantern! I will make one-need to find a lantern!
    I have had a wood bowl near our entry way for years which holds found feathers, shells, stones, moss, cones from trees-a connection to our sacred land & a visual reminder to all who pass it to walk kindly on the earth. As new pieces are added, older ones are given back to the earth with thanks.


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