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Ancestors are on everyone’s minds these days – during my morning meditation I was thinking of them, and was inspired to do this: to share a funny and/or endearing memory about my Ancestry, and invite you to do so, however you choose. Post it on your social networks, share it with friends, share it with your children, it does not matter. The point is remembrance, loving remembrance, by sharing bits of their existence. So, there go mine :).

My grandmother told me that when my grandfather was a young man, he kept his hometown in terror for a week by putting a donkey skull with a lit candle inside on top of a very promiment rock, so everyone throught their town was hunted by the Devil. He stopped doing it after a week, never told anyone it was him, and let the town gossip about it for months. He told my grandmother many years after that, when they were already married :D :D :D.

My favourite story from her is different, and quite moving – and it is a Christmas story. She told me how one Christmas, right after the spanish civil war, she received an orange and a handful of peanuts as a Christmas gift. She held the peanuts in her hand for as long as she could, postponing the pleasure of eating them through the whole day, until my great grandmother threatened her to throw them away, because they were starting to get all sweaty and dirty. Every time she told me that story, she would say again and again how tasty they were, and how happy she was with her gift. Really humbling.


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4 thoughts on “Ancestor Stories

  1. What great memories! Mine is from a grandmother and sounds similar; our christmas stockings, however small they were, always had an orange in the toe, lots of nuts, and a few tins of smoked oysters – how I loved those tins!


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