NEW Ebook – Home Cleansing And Blessing


A life of Spiritual wholeness begins always at your home. The place where you sleep, eat, and spend time with your loved ones should always be harmonious, abundant, well protected and surrounded by the presence of beneficial Spiritual entities. One of the most powerful things we can do for the protection, development and safety of our home, at all levels, is to keep a consistent Cleansing and Blessing routine.

This ebook is a complete guide on the process of cleansing and blessing your home, with 19 pages of guidance, step-by-step ritual advice, and everything you need to keep your home clean of negative energies, protected against harm, and attracting blessings and abundance constantly.

It includes plenty of original photographs for additional information, plus two printable pages for your Magical Journal, featuring the two prayers that are needed for the ritual.

As always with my ebooks, it is completely non-denominational; the guidance can be adapted to any spiritual path, Pagan or not, and does not require any previous experience as a Spiritual Worker.

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