October 31, Noche De Animas Service


On the night between October 31 and November 1, the Canarian tradition of Curanderismo celebrates de Noche De Animas (Night Of The Souls), a night dedicated to the veneration of Ancestors. Every year, we offer participations to all our customers, so they and their Ancestors can benefit from the energy of our work. A very special and unique altar is created for the ritual, and during that night, offerings of food, drinks, flowers, prayers and music are offered to our Ancestors, and to our customers’ Ancestors.

What The Service Does For Your Ancestors:

· Praying for them in the way us Espiritistas do, enlightens them and cleans them off their earthly ties, giving them clarity and strength;

· Feeding them with physical offerings strengthens them, so they have more power to guide you and help you.

What The Service Does For You:

· It empowers your relationship with them, making you more able to receive their guidance and help, and more aware of their presence in your life;

· If you are a beginner in the practise of Ancestor Worship, it makes sure that your offering (which is what you pay for participating) actually reaches them, since the work is made by experienced professionals and in a completely sacred space;

· It gives you the chance to have an actual holiday, specially if you have kids or community events, and let us do the job for you.

This year, we have lowered the price in half, so more customers can participate – ONLY 10$! All details in the link below:


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