Ouija: Tips For A Better Seance


As Halloween approaches, I get asked a lot about doing Ouija – I have been doing it for more than twenty years, with people of all creeds, and on my own as well, so I am well armed with answers :). Although this blog is more focused on self-sufficiency, gardening and crafts, I thought that the answers to these questions I’m receiving would make a very good post – so here it is.

Although I do not consider Ouija to be part of my spiritual practise at all, I do not think it is a harmless experience either, and it needs certain requirements to avoid the dangers it can contain. Below, you will find a list of tips to make the best of your Ouija seances, and on how to take the right perspective for a safe and enjoyable session.

· You can do a Seance by day, without any candles or crosses or any other magical paraphernalia, and it will work the same. Scaring yourself by doing it in the dark will not help the results, it will only turn you weaker to control it. Same goes for EVP recordings, Spirit Box, etc. – the point of this is making contact with other entities, not to have a “scary” experience.

· Just so, you can do it on your own living room. Going to a graveyard, or to any other allegedly haunted place, can be interesting of course, and I have nothing against it; but, the results will not be improved or lessened by that. If you go outside, think of your safety and health, and don’t go around breaking in on private property :).

· In my experience, Ouija provides a true supernatural experience, but not an enlightening spiritual experience. You will not find many highly evolved Spirits that are willing to participate, so keep your expectations under control, and do not take a single word you hear/read as spiritual truth. Just as in our world, there are many entities who will tell you anything to keep having your attention. Just as in our world, there are many liars and thieves. I once heard a very prominent Spanish paranormal investigator say that we should study the phenomena, but not the content – and I completely agree.

· If an entity claims to be a family member, a deceased friend, or an Ancestor – it may be time to cut contact. A Ouija is like a random dialling telephone, and to think that you can dial a random number and your grandma will pick the phone is, to say the least, very naive. Just so, if an entity claims to be the Devil, Napoleon, Krishna, or any deity or historical figure, it is very likely that the joke is on you. It’s very much the spiritual equivalent of being trolled on Facebook.

· Take it seriously, but give it no more transcendence than it needs (which is very little). It is a very interesting experience, but so are many other things, and you don’t obssess with them or take them as spiritual truths. Be respectful to the entities on the board, but don’t let them manipulate you, insult you or scare you. If this happens, take a break and try again, or just leave it for another day. A Ouija is not a vending machine that serves answers for your Spiritual or Magical questions.

· The world of Spirits has rules, as does ours. Do not expect to rip the curtains of the temple and find the key to ancient secrets. Most Spirits will not tell you a thing, and the truth is, most of them don’t know. Actually, most of them are totally normal people, who have chosen to stay close to this plane for totally mundane reasons. The fact that someone is dead does not give them powers, knowledge about the future, or the ability to threaten/harm you. Exactly as it happens with the living.

· If you do it regularly (like, once or twice a month at most), some of those “regular folk” Spirits will return, and will befriend you. And that is really the best part of doing Ouija. If done without looking for any further meaning, like a game both parts play with each other, the experience can be totally harmless, and really enjoyable.

· There is no such thing as people possessed after a Ouija seance. That is just religious propaganda against a phenomena they can’t control – when a religion is left out from their alleged right to be the mediators between you and the Spiritual worlds, they just get angry. Believe me, the Spirits that could really hurt you do not give a damn about people doing Ouija.

· The Golden Rule: remember that always, always, the part in danger in this game is your psyche. I have nothing against people with mental illness doing Ouija, or again the use of entheogenic substances before seances; but this is not harmless, and you are responsible for keeping your sanity, so BOUNDARIES. A lot of people get addicted to this experience, and it never ends well. As in anything that involves the supernatural, you will pay for your choices, for good and bad. Stay in control at all times, and don’t allow hysteria to feed on you, or on anyone participating in your seances.

If you keep this rules, and practise regularly, your Ouija seances can be really interesting, as it is an eye-opening and fascinating activity, that almost everyone can master, and requires no previous preparation (other than tons of common sense). And, if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, and I will gather them together for a second part of this post.


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8 thoughts on “Ouija: Tips For A Better Seance

  1. They should put your advice on the commercial boards being sold, Carolina. Had a frightening experience in my teens with a Ouija board and never used one since. Of course I was clueless as to what I was doing. Posters flew off the walls, my bedroom door slammed and the power went out in the house. “Oops, what did I just do?” I thought, hahaha!


  2. How do you “cut the cord” so to speak properly with the spirit world? Do you just tell the entity to leave? Is it true you need to “hang up properly” after each session?


  3. I cannot help but wonder why do it at all? I was taught that you don’t do any kind of work with spirits just for kicks. Maybe that’s too rigid? I’m not sure I understand what Ouija offers other than a tangible, novel ‘supernatural’ experience. Will you speak more to why you do use it?


    • That is actually a very good question. My point when writing this article was not to promote its use, but to answer the questions I had from readers, offer safety tips for seances, and try to dispel some of the superstition and TV-created beliefs around it. I completely agree with you that doing spiritual work “just for kicks” is wrong, and never ends well, but Ouija can be done respectfully, and you can have respectful friendships with entities that you would not have met otherwise. You are totally right when you are asking “why do it at all?” – it is not necessary for spiritual development AT ALL; but, it’s an experience, and my point was only that readers make sure they have the safest experience, and see it for what it is.

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      • I understand. And I can see how something with such immediate results could help someone who is doubting their other spirit communication as ‘in their head’ might find this as an affirmation that it’s not. I appreciate the straightforward advice. TV and other superstition has perpetuated a lot of nonsense. This kind of discourse is helpful. :)


      • Thank you! That was very much the point, that education and common sense are always more helpful than prohibition. You would not believe how many unscrupulous practitioners and alleged exorcists make money with the “you made Ouija, so your house is haunted, now you need exorcism” excuse – if people see that it’s not a big thing, that they are not going to meet the Devil or to talk to their Spirit Guides, and are aware of the very real psychological danger it may entail, they will at least face the experience for what it is, with responsibility but without fear.

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