Paul Naschy As Alaric De Marnac: Watercolour Portrait

No customer appointments this weekend, so I am more than ready to continue working on my new paintings :). The one above was just finished last night, and although I doubt this one will be sold, I am showing it for the sake of sharing (and hopefully inspire you!) my journey as an artist.
This is a portrait of actor, director, and screenwriter  Paul Naschy (1934-2009). Born Jacinto Molina in Madrid, this incredible creator directed, wrote and acted in over 85 films, most of them horror and thriller. Misunderstood, ignored by spanish society and their snobbish concept of art, and completely ahead of his time, Paul Naschy is one of my most admired artists ever. In the portrait, he is portraying Alaric De Marnac, a character inspired in Gilles De Rais, in the film “El Espanto Surge De La Tumba”, which was titled in English “Horror Rises From The Tomb” (1972).
The portrait is around 8×11 inches, watercolour on 300lb. paper.


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2 thoughts on “Paul Naschy As Alaric De Marnac: Watercolour Portrait

  1. Carolina…It has been wonderful watching you grow into a very fine artist over the years. You truly inspire me to pursue my artistic endevors & not give up but push through the difficulties.
    Bless your heart, my dear…
    Be well…


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