Happy Equinox (A Short Reflection)

Sow Thistle, my latest watercolour.

With the Equinox right around the corner, and appointments finished for the morning, today it was a perfect time to get into the studio and give it a major turnaround, which includes giving away a few boxes of supplies to my dearest sister Eva, and making proper space for my paintings and drawings.
In December last year, after two years of working non-stop on improving my painting and drawing skills, and taking quite a few commissions, I took a hiatus with no determined time frame, and truly enjoyed every bit of that time. I have absolutely no problem with that, and I never considered it an “artist block” at all. EVERY artist needs to step away sometimes, so if you are reading this and wondering when your Muse will be back, DO NOT WORRY. It will return :). It always does. While my muse was on holidays, I worked on my dolls, I crocheted, I did lots of embroidery, and spent more time on the garden than ever. In almost nine months, I only made a couple of small paintings from photographs, and the colouring pages you have seen in this blog.
But today, and after slowly reconnecting with my artwork in the past weeks, I felt the hiatus was over, and that I was seeing my future work as a painter in a much more clear and mature way than I had ever seen it. Don’t worry, Bruja Carolina is not going anywhere! I have absolutely no intention to close my site or to stop offering my Tarot and Spellwork services. There is time for everything if one puts away distractions and works hard – and making my studio the right place for the future work is the first step in that direction. I am the kind of artist that needs harmony and order to be able to focus and produce, so it was the perfect excuse to make a generous gift to a younger, beginner artist like my sister. I was once the younger, beginner and definitely broke artist, and I also received unexpected mentoring sometimes, and I couldn’t be more grateful for it. I will never, ever, forget those who put tools or education in my hands, so I could grow – it was my time to do the same for someone else.
Witches: doing this just as the change of season comes is a very powerful magical action. In the tradition of Feng Shui, creating open space and purging opens the energy for new opportunities; if we combine that with the inherent magic of the Autumn Equinox, and with the fact that the supplies I am giving away will help someone grow as an artist, we are working in total harmony and power to make good changes happen. And that is how you live Connected With Life :) – while I have nothing against altars and/or rituals (again, there is time for everything!), to make the best of important days, and truly benefit of the energy they bring, a Witch should weave their magic into the allegedly mundane things, until there is no difference between the two. Instead of “As Above, So Below”, I’d say ACT ABOVE, ACT BELOW.
Wishing you a very, very Blessed Equinox!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Equinox (A Short Reflection)

  1. What a great idea! I don’t have a ritual, but mindful cleaning, that I can do. And having others benefit is wonderful. Thank you for the idea.


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