Urban Gardening: The Garden In August

This post is a compilation of all the garden pictures that haven’t been posted already, all of them taken through the month of August. I like to keep a good archive of photographs for gardening documentation and for future articles, but a lot of them never get published because other posts and images take priority. As the month ends, I am gathering them together with a few magical tips, so all readers can enjoy the beauty – and may it inspire you to create your own urban garden!


Although they should not (because of the extremely hot weather), Lavenders keep flowering and flowering :). A herb for peace, protection and healing, its holy presence is a blessing in our garden. Hang a sachet over your bed for better sleep and prophetic dreams.


Lots of seed saving happening – take-out food containers are perfect for drying them, as we collect the seeds in small amounts through the season. Another small way to give a second life to items that would end up in the trash.


August is harvesting, harvesting, harvesting. In the past week, I harvested over 50 bundles of herbs – sage, lavender, thyme, basil, and more. The pic above is about a third of it only.


My first year growing Linden – another experiment that is doing much better than I expected! As Lavender, Linden doesn’t do well in such hard climate as ours, but these guys are truly fighters! These were brought as tiny seedlings from the plant nursery, and in two months they have reached over one metre tall.

Linden is used to sweeten and bring peace to spells for healing troubled relationships, and to bless and protect children.


All the succulents, like this Aloe Africana, are spending the summer on the shade. As regular Aloe Vera, we use it as a ready-made-by-Nature ointment for any skin ailments, just cutting a leaf and collecting the gooey gel it provides. As for their magical properties, these are the best live protections for the home, specially the ones with thorns/spikes like this one.


And finally, some lovely Calla Lilies flowering (Zantedeschia Genus) – no magical or medicinal properties, but keeping a special place in the garden because this plant is fifteen years old, and still flowers every single summer.  The bulbs were abandoned and dry in a pot when we moved here, and it was the first plant I had in this house – it keeps reminding me of the long process that building this urban garden has been, and of how a garden is a journey of love and dedication.


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6 thoughts on “Urban Gardening: The Garden In August

    • It’s one of my favourite trees, even with the difficulty of growing it in our weather :). The tea from its leaves is also a staple of our medicinal herbal tradition, so I am well acquainted with its Spirit.


  1. Your herbs and flowers are lovely, you have an abundant harvest. This year I added both Calla Lily and Canna Lily to my garden and have had the pleasure of collecting the seeds from both. I already planted the seeds from the Canna Lily to see if I could grow a p[lant from the seeds and it did quite well.

    Living in the hot and humid state of Florida too often the heat is hard on the plants, I love the plant shade you built in one of your post and I plan to built one next spring for my plants. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog


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