Textile Arts: More Cross Stitch Magical Patterns – Secret Garden Sachet


When I started this blog, my intention was not only to republish all the useful articles I have written over the past ten years, but also to document my life as it is, with its natural cycles. For us, July and August are the months of indoors activities – just as people in other countries are housebound by snow, we are housebound by the heat. With temperatures staying over 40C/104F as a minimum, day and night, and virtually nothing to wildharvest, it is the time to sew, knit, spin, etc. As our life changes from season to season, so does this blog :).

This new pattern was named Secret Garden because it has been designed for those Witches who have to hide their craft from other people’s eyes. From outside, it looks just like an embroidered sachet with a flower design, as the lavender ones used for perfuming cupboards – totally harmless. But it is so much more than that.


The design features two overlapped crosses, one with thistles, and one with roses, making it a very powerful sigil for the protection and blessing of the home, specially for women and children, as both plants are strongly related to Mother deities. Of course, the filling can be customized to those needs, or to any other needs, depending on where you intend to place it. Here are some examples:

· For Money And Road Opening Magic: fill it with Basil, Bay Laurel, a piece of Cinnamon stick and three shiny golden coins of any type. If you work in an office, keep it in your purse; if you own a business, hang it near the entrance door; if you work from home, hang it near your desk/computer.

· For Love: fill it with Rose petals, Lavender, Peppermint/Spearmint, and something your lover/love target has touched. Hang it over your bed.

· For Protection: fill it with Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Wormwood, and a piece of Hematite. Place it over your front door (but in the inside of the house, of course).

· For Healing And Health: fill it with Sage, Rosemary, Marigold petals, and a piece of Amethyst. Keep it in your kitchen.


The sachet is just two squares of fabric sewn together, one with the embroidery, and another one of your choice. Sew with right sides facing each other, serge, trim the sewing allowance and turn around. Fill the sachet and sew shut; you can leave it as that, or you can add lace, trims, pompoms, beads, tassels, charms… that really depends on your taste and sewing abilities.

Witches – remember intention at all times, from beginning to end of the project. The more focused you are on your intention, the more powerful the sachet will be.

A crafter’s extra note – to avoid plant bits to escape through the fabric, wrap the herbs in a paper towel to the shape of the sachet, like making a small packet or envelope, and place it in the sachet like that. That will also make much easier to sew it shut!

Feel free to download the sachet pattern by clicking the image below.  And as always –  personal use only, and never for items for sale!

Secret Garden 1


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