Urban Gardening: The Garden In July

This post is a compilation of all the garden pictures that haven’t been posted already, all of them taken through the month of July. I like to keep a good archive of photographs for gardening documentation and for future articles, but a lot of them never get published because other posts and images take priority. As the month ends, I am gathering them together with a few magical tips, so all readers can enjoy the beauty – and may it inspire you to create your own urban garden!


Absolutely beautiful Salvia Coccinea (Scarlet Sage, but not the same Scarlet Sage as Salvia Splendens), grown from seed. Used for digestive problems, menstrual regulation, and slightly relaxing as most medicinal Sages. Magically, for blessing and cleansing (as all Sages), but with a little extra Warrioress touch :). It works very well against nosy coworkers and/or neighbours.


I experimented this year for the first time at planting Statice (Statice Limonium), and it’s flowering beautifully (I wish I had planted more!). Medicinal use is almost nonexistent, but since the flowers can be dried and they don’t lose their colour, it has two magical uses – one, as a symbol of eternal love in Love Magic; and two, as an offering for Ancestor altars, as it also represents eternal life.


During July and August, the most delicate plants are moved to the roofed part of the garden, to prevent the plants from drying to death under the sun. In this pic you can see the Blue Sage (Salvia Farinacea, purple flowers), the other Scarlet Sage (Salvia Splendens, red flowers), a huge Aeonium (top left), and a variegated Philodendrum (top right).


A baby flower in a baby Common Sage (Salvia Officinalis). Due to our weather, regular sage grows very slowly and more bushy than in colder areas of the islands, so they need a lot of care to keep aphids and other pests away  – insects love bushy plants where they can nest undisturbed and unseen.

Not that I need to tell you the many benefits, magical and medicinal, or regular Sage. This plant just heals and blesses anything it touches, and increases the vibration of the body, mind and spirit.


My baby Cinnamon trees. It will be many years until I can collect anything from them, but as the Audrey Hepburn quote says, To Plant A Garden Is To Believe In The Future. Cinnamon is pure fire, passion and luck – and pure physical healing, so when I found the plant nursery was selling a few tiny cuttings, I didn’t think twice. These are living amulets! They have cuadrupled their size since I brought them, so I think the feeling is mutual :).


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