Textile Arts: Crochet Cushion Cover



This cushion cover was made to save an ugly-but-useful-boring-beige cushion I was given by a friend. I’ve been crocheting for over 30 years; coming from a family of seamstresses, my love for textile arts started at a very early age. Crochet clothing is usually too hot to wear here, even in winter, so I can only make home stuff – and this ugly cushion gave me the perfect excuse :). In this post, you can find the links to the patterns I used, all from the lovely website Cypress Textiles.


It started with making four of these squares, the Laura Square, from her Ravelry Page.  Then, I turned to the website and found the beautiful Celtic Lace Junior method of her creation,  which was used to put the four squares together. From there, I changed colour again and improvised a border of my own creation – but you can certainly use any of the lovely patterns she has shared for a border of your liking Here.


In this picture above you can see it still unfinished, just pinned to the piece so I could know how much space I had left to cover. See how beautiful the joining method looks when the fabric below shows! Below, the finished piece.


If you love textile arts, Ravelry is Pattern Heaven, so join if you haven’t yet! Although this work is not for beginners, this same author has simpler pieces that even beginners can do, so check her website and find yourself a new addiction :). Now, for a little extra inspiration, some crochet pieces I’ve made in the past years – no patterns for them because these were improvised, but it would be very easy to find patterns for similar pieces on Ravelry.


A pentacle-shaped mat, for my cats, made by working with two threads at the same time – one regular acrylic yarn leftover, and a ball made of joining together leftover bits of handspun yarn. The cats love it :).


Double sided potholder/teapot trivet, because herbalist friends deserve nice things :).


A basket for moving my art projects sround the house, made with granny squares – stash busting!


A few years ago, I crocheted a whole box of baby clothes for an Algerian charity – this is one of the pieces made.


And of course, Tarot bags :).


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