Urban Gardening: Recycled Shaded Area Structure – Revisited

On April 18, I published a post about the building of a shaded area stucture for our garden that was 100% made with recycled materials – you can read the whole post HERE. Three months have passed since that, and since today we had to make a small repair to it (a recent windstorm broke a couple of the strings that keep the canopy in place), I took a couple of pictures to show you how happy the plants are, and how successful recycling can be. Other than this little incident, the structure has suffered no damage at all, and we will definitely make another one as soon as we have all the materials.

This pic below is from the day we finished it:

2016-04-14 18.55.44

And these two are from this morning. What a difference! As you can see, we placed our Canarian Bellflower beside the pillar, and we’re coaching it with ties so it can lay over the roof and become a natural canopy.




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