Recipes: A Prosperity Spell (And The Building Of The Imagination Muscle)

The two purposes of this very simple but effective spell are empowering your visualization skills – the Imagination Muscle – and attract Prosperity in all areas of your life. Since this spell is not only beneficial for its actual results, but for its practise as a magical exercise, I would definitely suggest doing it regulary. In the end, there is no such thing as too much prosperity, right?

In my opinion, performing spells that are disconnected from your own way of working, from your own traditions and personal heritage, is completely useless. So, I have created this spell with a lot of room for adapting it to your own Spiritual path, and that’s how you should proceed. Do not copy my recipe – it is very important that, for every element on the list below, you look for an equivalent that’s traditional to your Spiritual path, and/or your local flora/fauna, and/or your own ancestry. For that, I have tried to explain clearly which is the purpose of each element, so you can translate that meaning to your own path. Make things yours.

Setting The Physical Spell Items

Note – the order of steps is specific, make them as suggested.

· One piece of fruit that can has been hollowed, like a passion fruit, a small pumpkin, a squash, etc. It has to be big enough to fit a candle in it. This fruit will represent the home. We chose a passion fruit, because it grows in our land, it’s my favourite fruit, and it’s in season. Fernando carved a sun and moon sign to represent our marriage and its unity, but you can carve runes, sigils, or any symbol that, for you, is a metaphor of what you want to have in your home. Place that in the center of your table.

· A candle that fits inside the carved fruit, of any type and colour of your choice, as long as it represents prosperity for you. I chose a tealight candle because the maracuja fruit is quite small.

· Three leaves from a tree that represents strength and protection in your Spiritual Path – we chose leaves from the chestnut tree. Place those as you can see in the pictures, radiating from the centre.

· Around twenty pennies, of course of your own currency. The amount of pennies depends only on the size of the circle, so they can be really close to each other. These, of course, represent wealth and luck. Make a circle around the centre with them, going over the leaves.

· Corn Meal, that represents prosperity and abundance. If you can’t find or don’t use corn meal, you can use any flour of a seed/grain that’s traditional to your country/tradition, as long as you get a quality one. Make another circle just outside the circle of pennies, again going over the leaves.

· Finally, three feathers, that represent wisdom, clarity, and Spiritual growth – we chose crow feathers, but as with all the previous elements, you should choose if you can a bird (or more than one) that has a symbolic meaning for you. Place those between the leaves.

Setting The Intention

First and most important, prepare yourself for the ritual – turn off the TV, the computer and the phone and practise any activity that relaxes your mind completely – dance, sing, go for a walk, play with your dog, meditate… anything that clears your mind of any worry and anxiety.

Once you are relaxed, set the elements on the table and light the candle. Depending on your tradition and practise, you can light incense, play some music, or recite an invocation to the Spirits/Ancestors/Deities that you want help from, so they are aware of your work and grant you with their company while you perform the spell. If you think it will help you, do it – as I said, make it yours.

Then, you must focus on the candle, and visualize how its light expands and fills your home and its inhabitants completely. Try to hold that image for a few minutes, and then simply imagine (yes, imagine) good things happening to you. Imagine for as long as you want, as wildly as you want – actually, the wilder, the better.

There is no chanting, and no reciting verbal castings on this work – this is a spell created to expand your imagination, which is an often overlooked magical tool, but in my opinion and experience a very powerful one, if not the greatest one.

The Reasons Behind It

This idea is based on a very simple concept – that we all have a spark of the Power Of Creation inside us. To create, we need our imagination; when we create, we align with Divinity. But our imagination is not a fully grown reality without practise – it is what I would call a magical muscle. A magical muscle, like Intuition, like Clairvoyance, like Mediumship, requires a consistent and lengthy practise to provide any efficient results; exactly the same thing happens to your Imagination.

Most of all, imagine things that you do not believe possible – because those are the exact limits of your self-image. And, knowing where those limits lie will not only teach you a very valuable lesson about yourself, they will be the keys to overcoming those limits and expanding your personal power.

At the beginning of the article, I recommended to make this spell regularly, as an exercise more than as just a spell – but, in truth, that doesn’t take one bit from the actual magical effect, because the more you practise it, the more powerful your imagination is, and thus the more effective the spell. Just so, expanding your imagination will make you more aware to any opportunities for growth and happiness, which will only increase any protection and prosperity the spell can bring into your life. As you repeat it, your imagination and your magical power will feed each other continuously, multiplying your Blessings.

Can you imagine what you will be able to do and experience when your Imagination Muscle is fully working? Well, now go and IMAGINE. Imagine yourself Connected With Life.


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6 thoughts on “Recipes: A Prosperity Spell (And The Building Of The Imagination Muscle)

  1. After the spell what do you do with the items? Can you keep them for another imagination spell or do you start all ove?


    • Raven, I already answered you on Facebook, but I am copying the answer here for other readers too – you must do as you usually do with spell remains in your tradition.

      In my tradition, there would be nothing wrong with reusing the feathers, because they might be difficult to find again – but the rest would be better if it’s new each time. You can give the pennies to any kind of charity, and the rest (the organic items) would be buried or simply thrown away.


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