Reflections: Daily Tips For Powerful Spiritual Growth


Originally published on my website’s blog in 2014, edited and expanded for this repost.

Spiritual growth does not rely on ritual knowledge, because that is something everyone can memorize; spiritual growth is all about personal power – when one understands what true personal power is. All these tips, if the practitioner is focused on their intention while performing them, create an unbreakable foundation for spiritual growth.

And no, this is not a new agey thing for me, and yes, this is exactly how I do it. I have said this a million times, and I will say it once again – there are no secrets for connecting with Spirit, with Magic, with Power. My power as a Witch does not come from secret recipes or spells AT ALL; my power as a Witch comes from following this tips, every day without failure, as much as I can, until my last bit of energy.

· Tell yourself “I Love You” at least once every day. After that, you can add any other compliment, like; you look beautiful, you are stronger, you are healthy, I accept you, I forgive you, etc., depending on your personal needs, but let’s start with pure, divine Love. A daily dose of that Love can change everything.

· Tell someone else you love them, at least once every day. As in the previous tip, you can add anything you want after that. Plants and pets also count as “someones”, even places, or the Universe. The object of your love is irrelevant – and you get extra points if you say it to the unloved, the broken, the imperfect, the forgotten.

· Ask someone “How are you?” and LISTEN. If the news are bad, give advice if you can (asking permission to do so), give comfort if you can, and pray for that person. If the goods are new, rejoice with that someone.

· Do something that scares you. It does not matter if it seems silly, or insignificant to others; your challenges are not anyone else’s challenges. It does not matter if you “win” your challenge or not. This is not about winning – or better said, you already win if you try, no matter which is the result. Results are for people who keep scores, experience is for the wise.

· Learn something new. Get an encyclopaedia and read one page every day. Or, listen to a documentary, an audio book, a podcast, etc. Information is everywhere, and your mind is always hungry. Feed it, so it can expand.

· Listen to music, to different music, to music you’ve never heard, and if possible, dance. Let the music change you and cleanse you. After the music is over, lay or sit very still and listen to silence. Observe how it becomes another kind of music.

· Talk to your Guides, to your Potencias, to your deities. Perform a simple ritual action every day, like lighting a candle,burning incense, or tidying your altar. See it as calling your family – tell them about your day, listen to their advice, and ask them if they need anything. If you can do it, promise it, and keep your promise.

· Observe how magic and miracle exist outside your practise. Acknowledge magic outside yourself, connect with it, let it change your perspective. Project magic in all directions, and see it return to you; enchant your food, enchant while you clean, enchant your car, your workplace. There are plugs for your spiritual connection everywhere, and in everyone. Break the barriers between the magic and the mundane, because they exist only in your mind.

· Imagine something wonderful happening (to you or to anyone else), in as much detail as you can. The power of the imagination is one of the most powerful tools of magical and spiritual work, and there is no other way to enhance our use of tools than practise. And I’m not speaking of imagining yourself winning the lottery, which is not bad in itself, but this is not The Secret – I’m speaking of imagining worlds, of imagining your Ancestors/Guides/deities, of imagining the depth of outer space. Imagine the unimaginable, so it can manifest.



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