Urban Gardening: The Garden In June 2

Yes, yes, I know I made the monthly post with this title a week ago, but today I’ve got so many beautiful pictures of the garden that I couldn’t help making a second part of this post :). I’ve added a few magical tips so you can bear with my garden obsession!

For the first time, the Crassulas (Money Plant, Crassula Ovata) are flowering. I had never seen the flowers of this plant except for pictures online – they are so tiny and lovely! These are considered amulets of prosperity and good luck.

Tip – add a golden coin and a piece of citrine to your Crassulas to enhance their money-attracting power.


The marigolds (Calendula Officinalis) are flowering like crazy, despite being fighting a fungus problem, something very common with these plants here. With tremendous healing and blessing powers both as a medicinal and a magical plant, and an essential plant to honour Ancestors in many Latin countries, these are a must in  our Bruja garden!

Tip – drink Calendula flower tea to heal grieving of any kind.


The Canarian Wormwood (Artemisia Thuscula, Incense Plant, endemic) that I got from a cutting in the wild was not looking happy at all, so two weeks ago I gave it a good pruning and paired it in a pot with happy Marigolds – as you can see, it is looking great, and filled with new growth. This holy plant is not only used for its fabulous aroma as incense – it is one of our greatest warriors against negativity, evil eye and parasitic entities.

Tip – wear a sachet filled with wormwood next to your heart when visiting places with negative Spirit activity. Parasitic entities hate it.


The Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Odoratus) has finished its cycle, and has left us with the promise of returning next year in the shape of around twenty healthy seed pods. This weas my first time planting it, so it was an experiment – this year I will plant the seeds earlier, before the winter; that way, I will be able to enjoy their gorgeous scent and luscious presence, and the plants will have more time to develop the seeds.

Tip – the flowers of the Sweet Pea are perfect for love magic – add them to herbal incenses, infuse oil with them, or pair them with other dry flowers in a magical potpourri.


My favourite picture of the day – a Ladybug basking in the sun on the Lemon Thyme (Thymus Citriodorus).

Tip – use Lemon Thyme to a quick and powerful cleansing home wash or spiritual bath.


And finally, the happy result of the morning’s work – a tray of bundles of herbs. Marjoram, Lavender, Pennyroyal, Lemon Thyme and Fennel. So much magic and medicine, so many delicious foods spiced with them, so many herbal teas that comfort and heal us every day, so many herbal preparations for our Spiritual Work. There isn’t a day that I am not grateful for my tiny urban garden.


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