Urban Gardening: The Garden In June

Summer is here, and temperatures rise a little every day. The day in the equator is extremely long, with daylight from 7 AM to 9 PM, and the hottest and less active season is around the corner. Many plants are flowering and seeding, a few of them will die very soon after that, and won’t return until the first rains in November. Planting seeds is also over until the end of the year, because seedlings would get fried in the pots – for the next months, our work is to care daily for the plants’ survival; most herbs here act like perennials because it never freezes, but the heat can kill them just the same. We’re speaking SubSaharan desert weather, don’t forget that :).


After two years, the Lemon Catmint (Nepeta Cataria v. Citriodora, grown from seed) is finally flowering.  It is really looking lovely, and the scent is just delicious. Use Catnip, no matter the variety, for Love Magic, to make lovers remember what united them.


A close-up of the lovely white and peach flowers.


You won’t believe me, but the colour of this Sweet Pea (Lathyrus Odoratus, also grown from seed) picture has not been edited! This plant was very appreciated in Arabic gardens for its fabulous scent, and used as a wall cover or to separate areas in gardens. Ours is filled with seed beans already, and growing new flowers every day. Another powerful plant for Love Magic, specially to increase physical passion on tepid individuals :).


The two Blue Sages (Salvia Farinacea) we got at the plant nursery last month are growing and flowering like crazy – and I am totally in love with this plant’s graceful and relaxed energy. I hope that it will give us many seeds, because I want it growing in my garden every year :). As all Sages, this plant has powerful healing and blessing properties.


Last year, our little Guava trees (Psidium Guajava, grown from seed, around seven years old) gave like five flowers and one single and small guava, something completely normal when it comes to growing trees in containers. This year, it has like fifty flower buds – I can’t wait to see how many fruits this lovely tree gives us. A plant for Road Opening Magic, but it’s a really holy tree, so it can be used for many different purposes.


The gorgeous variegated leaves of the Corsican Basils (Ocimum Basilicum v. Corsican), which were seedlings just a month ago. As all Basils, a plant of strong protection that negative Spirits just abhor. It has the peaceful energy of the warrior who does not know fear.


And finally, and only because of its own beauty, a lovely Cosmos. I haven’t used this plant for magic yet, only the flowers as an offering, but when I connect with it I feel the kind of blind joy that one must have felt when we were two years old. This plant is just happy. Don’t miss the little green spider on the petal :).


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