Recipes: Rosemary Alcohol


Rosemary alcohol, which is the tincture of fresh Rosemary in rubbing alcohol for external use, is one of those staples of both my apothecary and my magical cupboard that I use all the time. It’s extremely easy to make, and just as useful, so today I’m sharing the recipe and properties.

As a medicine, Rosemary Alcohol is a wonderful aid for muscle pain, used for a quick relief as it absorbs very quickly. It creates a feeling of heat as it stimulates circulation, and relaxes cramped and aching muscles very quickly. Rosemary is also a fabulous disinfectant, cicatrizant and antibiotic, so if you can take a bit of stinging, it’s perfect for cleaning scratches and small wounds. I also use it for stopping the itching of mosquito bites, and add it to foot baths.

As a magical element – well, Rosemary is one of the holiest herbs that we have in this planet, so you can use the concoction for almost any blessing, healing, cleansing, banishing, and consecrating works. Besides its many ritual uses, there are also a lot of everyday magic uses – you can dab it on yourself, spray it around the house, carry a small bottle in your purse or in the car, and anoint anything and everywhere where you want protection and cleanliness.


To make it, you only need a wide jar, a bottle of rubbing alcohol (I use  a 500 ml/17 liquid ounces bottle from the drugstore, no special brand or type), and fresh Rosemary. Yes, it has to be fresh – I have tried it with dry Rosemary, and the tincture was very weak, totally worthless.

Place the chopped herbs first, leaves and stalks, and add enough alcohol just to cover them. Close the jar tightly, and place for six weeks in a dark and cool cupboard. After that, you can use it, strained or not. I have to say I don’t strain it or bottle it, I just use it from the jar, and when it’s almost over, I change the herbs for fresh ones and add more alcohol, so I have a continuous supply available. Below, you can see a new jar we just made.


Witches, remember INTENTION. Align with the powerful Spirit of the Rosemany plant while you are working, and feel its energy and the holiness of its being. The more powerfully you feel this while you are working, the more focused you are on uniting yourself with its Spirit, the more efficacious it will be at healing you.


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5 thoughts on “Recipes: Rosemary Alcohol

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  2. This is awesome! It reminds me of alcoholado, which uses bay (or bay rum) and camphor (among other things) in alcohol. You can use it for everything! I love, love, love rosemary and have some growing in the garden. I know what I’ll be doing soon… :D Thank you for sharing this!


    • Thank you <3! Yes, this would be a very simple type of non-edible alcoholado, you are very right :). We don't use that specific word in Canarian dialect, but I know it because of my family living many years in Venezuela.


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