Textile Arts: More Cross Stitch Magical Patterns – Canarian Goat


My third incursion into cross stitch pattern design is a homage to one of the the most important animals in the history of our islands, both for the Guanches and for colonized Canarians – the goat. Our geography, created by volcanic activity, filled with deep ravines and with barely no flat pasture fields, makes it very difficult for herding sheep or cows;  but goats can make it and thrive in almost any environment, and quickly became the constant companion of the aboriginal shepherds and farmers.

I created the pattern from scratch,  starting with pictures of our indigenous goat breeds, and added several decorative rows of small designs in the body, as not to make it too boring to embroider. I embroidered it on eggshell coloured Aida cloth with the finest crochet thread I had (which would be size 30) in a deep red colour. I really loved the result, but it would look great in other combinations, like white and blue, or white and black.

Feel free to download the goat pattern by clicking the image below. You can embroider amulet sachets, bags for cards/gemstones/herbs, embroider and frame the pieces as sigils, or create magical gift cards with them for loved ones. And as always –  personal use only, and never for items for sale!

The GoatA detail of the framed piece. It fits a 4×6 inches frame well, but size can vary depending on the fabric you choose, and on the size of your stitches.


Note – you can find other free embroidery patterns created by me HERE and HERE.


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