Urban Gardening: The Garden In May

This post is a compilation of all the garden pictures that haven’t been posted already, all of them taken through the month of May. I like to keep a good archive of photographs for gardening documentation and for future articles, but a lot of them never get published because other posts and images take priority. As the month ends, I am gathering them together with a few magical tips, so all readers can enjoy the beauty – and may it inspire you to create your own urban garden!


Sunflowers (Helianthus genus), blooming beautifully, and hopefully making lots of seeds for next year. These can be grown here almost at any season, and they will keep bees and other beneficial insects coming to the garden, something extremely important in urban gardening; so, we want them to stay :). Also, as a symbol related to sun deities, this is a perfect homage to Magec, the sun deity of Tenerife Guanches.


The Catmints (Nepeta Cataria) are loving the new fertilizer we’re using, and flowering like never before. Hopefully another good seed harvest is coming  :). We grow it for our cats, but it is also extremely useful in Love Magic, to bring passion and union between lovers.


The magnificent flower of our Rue (Ruta Graveolens), one of the most powerful magical herbs of the Canarian Curanderismo tradition. Used for healing, exorcism and banishing, and protection. A truly holy herb.


Purple Ruffles Basil (Ocimum Basilicum cultivar). It’s our first year growing this variety. The taste and fragrance is not really different from regular Basil, but this herb will look gorgeous in offerings and Spirit food. Basil does really well in our weather, and it’s such a wonderful protection and healing plant.


After a long winter sleep, our Lemon Verbena (Aloysia Citrodora) is regrowing like crazy. A plant that I absolutely love, for personal, medicinal and magical reasons. Eases stress and anxiety, and blesses and cleanses everything and everyone it touches.


Variegated Lemon Thyme (Thymus Citriodorus), with its lovely pink flowers. Smells like absolute heaven, and as all thyme varieties, bring strong protection and cleansing to the household. A tiny warrior with a giant’s Spirit.

2016-05-19 10.09.01

And finally, one that was not taken at our garden, but at the plant nursery – but one that I think deserved a special place in this post because of its beauty – a sea of Coleus (Plectranthus Scutellarioides), showing a myriad of colours and patterns. A plant that I am beginning to work with, so I will share my impressions about its magic at a later post.


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9 thoughts on “Urban Gardening: The Garden In May

  1. Hi Carolina, Your catmint looks stunning along with all your other plant (spirits). You mentioned a “new” fertilizer that you are using and I was wondering if you would be so kind to share what your using with me? I have some potted herbs including catnip that is not looking so good – they are growing but they are getting straggly looking. Thank you so much for your wonderful sharing and work. I just recently found you on Facebook and now I am hooked. :)


    • Hi Hanna, the new fertilizer is just regular liquid fertilizer, from the brand Flower (I don’t know if it sells outside Spain), Universal type. I used the word “new” because we were using a different brand, but it’s a regular gardening product here.


      • Thank you! I have to check our garden center and see what I can find. I of course do not want something that is chemical based, here in the US they love to sell consumers such awful stuff!


      • This one is only a liquid mixture of minerals that plants need like Nitrogen, Manganese, Zinc, etc. We also add vegetable scraps from the kitchen to our soil buckets, as well as eggshells and coffee grounds. And, we get the soil directly from Nature. We don’t use any “fancy” stuff :).


  2. Beautiful photos! It never ceases to amaze how the plant spirits connect us — these same plants grow here in my garden in the US, mostly as annuals. Some can overwinter inside the house or I replant every spring. I’m a new reader, love visiting you here. XO


    • Welcome to the blog, and thanks for your comment, Peggy!
      Here, our lower season is the summer. Our annuals finish their cycle around August, where the high desert temperatures are just too much for many plants. Our winter is extremely mild and it never freezes here, so winter is our actually our planting season :).


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