Recipes: Herbal Sugar

This short article was published on my website’s newsletter in the summer of 2013. It has been slightly edited to add extra content, and also because my English has improved a bit :). Enjoy!

Spirits devour anything with sugar, honey or any type of molasses/syrups. In Afro-Latin traditions, they are used not only as an offering, but also  as a magical element in itself; they are a symbol of love (family love, couple’s love, love for the Spirits), but also a symbol of wealth, joy and abundance. Whatever you want to grow in your life, whatever you want to attract, you drown it in sweetness.

Herbal sugar, which is just your choice of sweetener steeped with fresh or dry herbs/condiments, is a very easy way to create edible (and extremely discreet) magic. The variations of this type of recipe are endless – just as many as magical intents are. You can offer it to the Spirits, in your altar or outdoors; you can serve it to your family or your lover, for good communication and loving atmosphere in the home; you can add it to your baking and cooking; and of course, you can make yourself a very powerful treat by adding it to your herbal tea.

Herbal sugar, either for magical or medicinal use, also makes an original and very affordable gift, as long as it is made months in advance. Recycle and decorate jars to give it away, and you will also be doing Mother Nature a favour.

These recipes can be made with any type of sugar, or with any type of honey/syrup, as long as it is of good quality. The basic procedure for any recipe is to powder all ingredients in a coffee grinder, and steep them in the sugar/honey for at least two months in a cool and dark place, shaking the mixture regularly. It is always best when made with fresh ingredients, but dry herbs work too.

The strength in taste and smell will depend on the amount of herbs/roots/seeds added per ounce of sweetener, and that’s where you personal taste comes, and where you’ll have to experiment.

All recipes presented here start with 100 grams (around four ounces) of sugar or honey.

Recipe 1:  Add one teaspoon of powdered cinnamon, two teaspoons of lavender flowers, two teaspoons of rose petals, two teaspoon of orange blossom flowers, and one teaspoon of ginger.

Magical Use: for love, reconciliation, and family spells.

Medicinal Use: to ease anxiety, stress and grief.

Recipe 2:  Add one teaspoon of  ginger, two teaspoons of Tulasi/Holy basil leaves, two teaspoons of thyme leaves, one teaspoon of rosemary leaves and one teaspoon of powdered cinnamon.

Magical Use: for success, money and luck spells.

Medicinal Use: antibiotic, disinfectant and stimulating.

Recipe 3: Add one teaspoon of fennel seeds, two teaspoons of peppermint leaves, one teaspoon of sage leaves,  and two teaspoons of Lemon Balm leaves.

Magical Use: for protection, cleansing and hex-breaking spells.

Medicinal Use: eases depression and imbalance, helps digestion.

Recipe 4:  Fill a jar with garlic, fresh marjoram, fresh thyme, a piece of fresh ginger root, and add honey to fill. Strong taste, but best anti-flu medicine ever! Also useful for disinfecting wounds and healing skin ailments.


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