Textile Arts: More Cross Stitch Magical Patterns – Welcome Spring!

I had such fun making the cross stitch sampler and the first page of embroidery designs, that I jumped immediately into more designing and stitching.  I absolutely loved the folk style patterns I chose for the sampler, but as you know doing work that represents my own culture is essential to me, so I decided to create some designs with herbs and flowers that are always around me.

On the image below, which you are most welcome to download, you can see the second set of patterns I have created, this time focused on Mediterranean and North African flowers and herbs, along with an explanation of their symbolism. You can embroider amulet sachets, bags for cards/gemstones/herbs, embroider and frame the pieces as sigils, or create magical gift cards with them for loved ones. They are extremely easy, even if you have never tried cross stitch before. And as always –  personal use only, and never for items for sale!

Welcome Spring

Again, I loved making these designs, and creating new ones with elements of my surroundings was definitely the direction for me – I’m not interested in copying anyone when I create (because then it would not be creation at all!), but instead what drives me is reflecting my world and my experience of life. I have nothing but the utmost respect for tradition, and so I stay within traditional materials and techniques, but if we don’t continue with the creation, what are we leaving for the next generations?


The first one I chose to embroider was the Rosemary pattern, on a strip of eggshell colour Aida cloth, to make a trivet with a small blue towel.


With a bit of trim from my stash, it was ready to be used :).


People always ask me what I do with these projects. Sometimes they become gifts for people I love, but most of them are used in my everyday life. Life is short, and tomorrow is never granted – so, in my view of life,  it is always time to use the beautiful things that surround me. I don’t care if, with time, this towel is going to end up being a rag – every time I use it, it will add a touch of magic to that moment, and that is EXACTLY why I made it.

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