Textile Arts: Cross Stitch Sampler, And Free Magical Patterns

In the past weeks, I have been working on a cross stitch sampler. I do a lot of surface embroidery, but cross stitch is something entirely different, and a skill I really wanted to improve. I didn’t follow a specific pattern, but instead I worked on filling as much as possible, picking little details from many different patterns. I worked on 32 ct undyed linen with DMC threads, choosing colours that mimic historical natural dyes.


The piece, framed and ready to be hung – of course, the frame was a dumpster diving find :).



Closeup of the patterns.

Since drawing and painting was my first skill as an artist, and one I think to be the true foundation of many of my other crafts, I couldn’t resist designing some patterns myself, and stitching them among the more traditional ones. At its core, cross stitch is a binary language, so it was a completely different thing from drawing freehand patterns for surface embroidery – completely different, but very, very interesting for me.  You can be sure you will be seeing more of this in this blog.

And, of course, there is the meaning of the motifs – crosses for protection, birds for love, diamonds for wealth, and so on.  On the image below, which you are more welcome to download, you can see some the first set of patterns I created, along with an explanation of their symbolism. You can embroider amulet sachets, bags for cards/gemstones/herbs, embroider and frame the pieces as sigils, or create magical gift cards with them for loved ones. They are extremely easy, even if you have never tried cross stitch before. And as always –  personal use only, and never for items for sale!

Magical Embroidery 1

Please click on this picture to get the full size image, which will print nicely on a full sheet of paper.


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