Welcome To My New Blog!

Herbal infused olive oil soap - recipe coming soon!

Herbal infused olive oil soap – recipe coming soon!

I gave myself a holiday from blogging several months ago, after blogging non-stop for more than ten years. Boy, was that needed, and was that good. I was completely burnt out, and considering that I already work many hours every week typing emails, Tarot readings and Spellwork reports for my customers, writing posts weekly was more a punishment than a pleasure.

After closing the blog on my main website, I’ve been micro-blogging on my social networks almost daily, posting short updates and pictures of the work I do as someone who strives to live deeply connected with life, to the source of creativity, to the Art of Magic, and to the Magic of Art –  magical/spiritual crafts, gardening, wildharvesting, textile arts, herbal recipes for teas/soaps/body care, folklore, historical crafts, magical traditions of the Canary Islands, paganism, self-sufficiency, and very much anything that interests me.

That has proved to be more enjoyable and manageable for me than any formal blogging I had ever done before, and took off the pressure of writing about the magical work I do for my customers, a subject that I’d rather not talk about in any public way any more. I don’t teach, my religion is initiatory and has vows of secrecy, and the privacy of my customers is a total priority for me – the further I go into the path of the Bruja, the less interested I am in talking about it. Not that I have anything against people who share their journey, of course, but it’s not for me. The life and growth of a Spiritual Worker is made of many things, not only of ritual and divination, and I’m perfectly happy sharing all the other things that make me a better Bruja every day – I may not be interested in teaching magic, but I am all for inspiring my readers and customers to live a more magical, empowered life.

Processing flower petals to dry, to be used in making herbal powders for Spellwork.

But – social media sites have one disadvantage, and it is that posts do not get archived, and are not searchable, so I get a lot of questions about past posts from readers and customers, asking me for this and that – recipes, gardening tips, craft tips, etc. This, as you can imagine, takes a lot of time and effort.  That is why I am starting this blog, so I can archive all those posts, and so YOU can find them neatly arranged in categories, and search through them for the content as you please.

This blog is a true account of my life, and not a staged project in any way. I will post the stuff I make as I make it, exactly as I’ve been doing on my social media sites so far, and from time to time I will repost some posts from my old blog that contain useful recipes, as my schedule allows.

Just a note that you, as a reader, must remember: you are more than welcome to share the content of this blog as you please, in Pinterest, Facebook, etc –  but please keep a link back to this blog so your friends and readers can visit it. I own all copyrights to pictures and text (except where noticed), and NONE of the content can be reused without my written permission. ALL patterns, recipes, colouring pages, and any other content are for personal use ONLY. 

Country road, near one of our wildharvesting areas.

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